Distribution Policy


child milk and serum stamp out the trade to return to their human characteristic: They are food for the mind savior. That is why in the distribution policy we consider the human aspect.
Clinic City door itself a human message, it draws the relationship between us, distributors and management, but also with our clients. Obviously our delegate made the point of contact between management and clients: We serve individuals.
The opening of Clinic City is to meet the need of the market, in our dear country, due to the current situation, many distribution warehouses are closed.
Looking at the Clinic City website, you’ll see that we take the distribution policy principles of “Practical GDP” and that our distribution policy focuses on good distribution, transportation and distribution of pharmaceuticals.


• Channels of Distribution


We adopt the distribution policy on the principle of “direct chain of distribution” which is suitable for most industrial and food as well as pharmaceutical goods fragile goods:

  •  Timeliness of arrival to the consumer.
  •  Save the commission of the intermediary.
  •  The main valve is close to the market which ensures to know the demand trends and customer needs.
  •  Reduce costs in the market.
  • Good control by the main distributor of the product on the distribution of its goods, which helps to predict the state of demand in the future.

• Global coverage


It is the overall distribution of the goods in several geographic areas with a large number of distributors to end to ensure the availability of goods in areas where consumers are. Any company as Clinic City tries to meet the needs of the market and ensure the needs of consumers.


• Performance Evaluation


Some thinks that the mission of the principal distributor of the product stops at the choice of the distribution chain. But no, he continues his mission to pursue and evaluate the performance of distributors. Clinic City, in this regard, adopt more standards: the customer satisfaction, the share of sales, costs of sales, distribution costs … etc.

We compare the performance with the objective standard to determine the differences: You can resign the distributor, review the structure of the distribution or take other corrective actions, if achieving our marketing goals required is not made.