Overview Of Warehouse

The opening of the warehouse Clinic City is a result of our commercial history. Distribution is an essential part of the business transaction and marketing: In 2012 we opened the warehouse Clinic City that is closer to our customers, which means a choice of suitable site in the city to get to all distribution points at time and with the best way. That’s what the site Clinic City is close geographically and morally to customer. Our warehouse is designed to national standards set by the Ministry of Health. The official permit is under no. 3595du 03.07.2012.

Mohamad Jawad founder DADA.

Our Vision

Clinic City continues its success in the country with a clear vision. What has been achieved is a result of the cooperation of the staff of our company; this cooperation has helped the development of our company and the success of our project. Our site is launched so we can be closer to you. We have developed our approach to:

• Import medicines for cancer and exceptional drugs.
• Retail locally.
• Opening of offices for Clinic City on regional level.
• Working in accordance with ISO quality.
• Extend our activities and increase the administrative framework in quality and quantity level.


Quality Policy

Clinic City adopts for his services a contemporary and modern politics, to arrive at the global quality standards.

Based on the conviction that these are the standards of distinction and try to be up to the demands of our clients we expect to achieve:

  • The quality of distribution

    GDP, distribution of pharmaceuticals: It is part of the Quality of Pharmaceutical Products: new practices in the transportation and distribution of pharmaceuticals on all activities during transport operations.

    Distribution: the transport of pharmaceuticals warehouses supplier / manufacturer to the final user or midpoint, using a different means of transport.

  • The Quality System

    A suitable infrastructure that includes the organizational structure, operations and resources, methodological steps necessary to ensure adequate confidence of the product (or services) to meet quality standards.

    Adopt quality of storage and rehabilitation of warehouses according to the most modern standards.

  • Reduce risks

    For warehouse management, we will reduce the business risks and risks of paper and ensuring the security of goods in storage.

  • We aim, through overall quality, to raise the level of customer and employee satisfaction, through continuous improvement of the system of society.

    To achieve better administration, we take care of the study and planning of administrative systems and improve information and operating systems; we seek to develop our mechanisms by using technology and programming.